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Kierstin Ullom, APRN

Kierstin Ullom, APRN

Kierstin grew up in Fowler, Indiana.  She attended college at Purdue University, where she ran the hurdles and pole vaulted as a member of the track team, and studied Elementary Education.  After graduating, she moved to Ohio with her husband.  She taught first grade for 3 years before becoming a mom and staying home with her kids.   From a young age, Kierstin always wanted to be in the medical field, she just took the long way around to get there!

In 2010, she began nursing school at the University of Cincinnati, entering their Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing program.  After graduating, she began work as a Registered Nurse at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  In all she spent almost 5 years there, first working as a bedside nurse on multiple units in the hospital and then in the Urgent Care. During that time, she began work on her Masters of Nursing in Pediatric Primary Care at the University of Cincinnati.  Following graduation in April of 2016, she joined the team at NECP.  Kierstin is certified as a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner through the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board and licensed as a PNP within the state of Ohio.

Kierstin enjoys working out, hiking, vacationing in the mountains, and reading.  She has three children who she loves to watch do their thing on every playing field imaginable across the city of Cincinnati!



1999  Purdue University, BA Elementary Education

2011 University of Cincinnati, BS Nursing

2016 University of Cincinnati, Masters of Science in Nursing


2011 Ohio Board of Nursing, RN

2016 Ohio Board of Nursing, CNP

Professional Experience

2002-2012 Mason High School, Track and Field Coach

2010 - PCA, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

2011-2016 - Registered Nurse, Cincinati Children's Hospital Medical Center

2016 - present - APRN, Northeast Cincinnati Pediatric Associates, Inc.