Patient Satisfaction Survey

A patient satisfaction survey is sent out after a patient visit is complete. We use this survey to help us provide quality medical care and a positive experience for our patients. The survey results are viewed by our Practice Manager and Quality Improvement Team. They look for areas needing improvement and use the comments and suggestions provided to take action. Some of the areas evaluated are appointment, communication, facility, practice, provider and staff.

The first area we chose to review and improve on is the patient waiting time in the exam room. Survey participants are asked to rate their wait time from 1-Poor to 5-Very Good. Our goal is to reach 90% of Good to Very Good responses. For the initial review period, the responses resulted in 83% of positive responses.  The team implemented an intervention to improve on this number. Our Medical Assistants have been instructed to monitor patient waiting time and keep in communication with the providers and patients to help minimize the wait time and provide a more positive experience.

Our most recent evaluation of results on this measure has shown a 5% increase in positive responses. We will continue to monitor this and improve in this area. We will evaluate other areas as well and move forward with actions for improvement. We appreciate and value your input.

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