Sick Visits and Urgent Appointments

As a parent, when your child is sick, you want one thing: to get him or her better as soon as possible. At Northeast Cincinnati Pediatric Associates, we are committed to getting your child into our offices as quickly as possible.  Because we are a larger practice with extended hours, we have the ability to accommodate same-day appointment requests in all but the rarest occasions.

When you decide you need to bring your child in for a sick visit, simply call the office of your choice—see the phone numbers at the bottom of this page. Our staff will do their best to schedule you for the next available appointment.  Occasionally, you may be asked to speak to a nurse about your child’s illness and then the nurse will schedule your child based on their symptoms (some illnesses require a more extended visit, and therefore the nurses must gather some preliminary information to ensure that your provider has adequate time allotted in their schedule for your child’s visit).