Your Pediatrician, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and You

The many benefits of an ongoing relationship between patient and provider have been well documented. Better continuity of care, accurate monitoring of growth and development, and a mutually responsible and trusting relationship are just some of the advantages of seeing the same health care professional.

At Northeast Cincinnati Pediatric Associates, we make every effort to foster stronger relationships between patients, families and health care providers. You will notice our staff asking you who your child normally sees. For occasions when your primary care physician or APRN is not available, you may find it helpful to have an alternate physician or nurse practitioner. However, our goal will be to schedule all visits with the primary care physician or APRN. In the event your child needs care outside of our practice, we will be responsible for coordinating care across multiple settings, including specialty providers, behavioral/mental health providers, home health and hospital/emergency departments. Our care coordinator will help find specialists, get appointments and make sure specialists have the information they need to care for your child.

To learn more about our physicians and nurse practitioners, please visit our providers page.