Lactation Consultants

Kierstin Ullom, APRN and Laurie Freese, APRN are Certified Lactation Consultants with over 15 years of extensive experience in breastfeeding counseling.  In addition, they have been providing pediatric primary care for over 20 years.  Kierstin and Laurie are committed to moms and babies of Northeast Pediatrics by ensuring they receive the best breastfeeding support possible.

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Breastfeeding Services:

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Breastfeeding Visits: 

Breastfeeding visits are scheduled typically for 60 minutes.  This allows for opportunities to determine the needs of both mom and baby.  We will observe feeding, weigh your baby (both prior to and after the feeding), as well as assist in developing a family centered breastfeeding plan. 


To make an appointment you can call any of our office locations and our services are provided in either the Mason or Lebanon office.  Our goal is to see you within 24 hours.