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Parenting A Child with ADHD

The American Academy of Pedicatrics has updated the guidelines for diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of ADHD. In this update, the recommended primary intervention for children with ADHD and children with ADHD-like behaviors whose diagnosis is not yet verified is Parent Training in Behavior Management (PTBM).

We are excited to offer a 10 week parenting group facilitated by our Counselor, Vicki Gedert, on seval topics related to parenting a child with ADHD. There will be 8 weeks of 90 minute sessions focused on ADHD and ADHD-like behaviors, followed by a one and two month followup session. All sessions are on Thursdays. Our Dietitian, Amy Reed will hold an OPTIONAL session on Thursday, April 9th, to discuss ADHD and nutrition. The sessions are for parents or guardians only of children ages 6 to 14.

More information here.