Prescription Refills

At Northeast Cincinnati Pediatrics we are happy to help you get your prescriptions refilled. This is done during normal office hours Monday through Friday. Plan ahead when requesting your refills so you don’t run out of important medications. Refills can be taken care of during an office visit with your provider or through our office refill line.

Refill Line

To request a refill by phone, call the office you visit most often and request to be routed to the Refill Line voicemail. You will be asked to leave important information (found on your prescription bottle) including:

A return call will be made within 2 days (for routine medications) to 7 days (for controlled medications) to let you know if the refill was completed or if additional information is needed.

Controlled Medications

Controlled medications such as ADD medicine (Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, etc.) must be refilled monthly. They cannot be called in to a pharmacy. These prescriptions must be signed by your child’s primary care provider and can be picked up or mailed to you. This could take up to one week (allow 3-4 additional days for mail). Your child will need to have a current medication follow-up visit as directed by your provider.