Prescription Refills

At Northeast Cincinnati Pediatrics we are happy to help you get your prescriptions refilled. This is done during normal office hours Monday through Friday.

Plan ahead when requesting your refills so you don’t run out of important medications. Refills can be taken care of during an office visit with your provider or through our office refill line.

Patient Portal 

To request a refill through our Patient Portal simply follow this link , click on the Medication tab on the left and then click on Request Medication Refill.

Refill Line

To request a refill by phone, call the office you visit most often and request to be routed to the Refill Line voicemail. You will be asked to leave important information (found on your prescription bottle) including:

  • Patient’s name and date of birth
  • Name of medication
  • Dosage and strength
  • The name of the provider who prescribed it
  • The prescription number
  • Pharmacy name and phone number
  • Parent’s return phone number

A return call will be made within 2 days (for routine medications) to 7 days (for controlled medications) to let you know if the refill was completed or if additional information is needed.

ADHD Controlled Substance Medication Refills

  • Your child's prescription is a controlled substance and you will need to call monthly for refills. This cannot be called into a pharmacy, but we can send it electronically or via original signed paper prescription. These must be approved and sent by your primary provider.
  • Refills are processed Monday thru Friday during office hours. You may request a refill by leaving a message on our “Controlled Medication Refill Voicemail” option from our main office number. You may also make a request through our patient portal. Please ask the receptionist how to get signed up if you haven't already. You will be asked to leave an update on how your child is doing on the medication, any concerns or side effects, and confirm the pharmacy you want the prescription sent to. We ask that you contact us at least 5 days before your refill is needed to allow time for processing and the provider to respond.
  • Your child will need to be up to date on medication management appointments, such as yearly Well Check or Med Check.
  • 90 day prescription request: In some cases, if the patient is stable on a medication and your insurance company urges you to get a 90 day refill, this can be prescribed. If insurance requires you go through a MAIL ORDER PHARMACY, please allow 10-15 days for them to process the prescription.


ER), KAPVAY (clonidine) are not Controlled substances.

  • These medications require medication management appointments every 6 months, a yearly Well Check then a 6 month medication follow up appointment.

Call your pharmacy when you need a refill and they will send us a request. Your provider can choose to give refills of these medications to the pharmacy and they can be sent electronically to the pharmacy on record.