Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare

Turning 18 is an exciting time, and it's important to be in charge of your own health. We are here to help you make a smooth transition into adult healthcare.

At age 18, under federal HIPAA law, access to your health records and any discussion about your health is only provided to people that you consent to, including your parents. If you wish your parents to discuss your health on your behalf, you must provide written consent to your healthcare provider by completing the Permission to Release Medical Information - 18 years and Up (if you have not already done so in our office).

We honor your preferences regarding the best time to transfer to an adult healthcare provider, but expect this to occur sometime around age 18-20 years of age. By age 20, all patients will need to have transferred to adult healthcare.

Steps to Transfer Care

1. Research and find an adult provider who meets your specific needs.
(reference the List of Adult Providers for area recommendations)

2. Request a copy of your medical records from our office by completing the Authorization to Release Health Information.

3. Once you receive your records, be sure to make a copy for yourself before passing the records on to your new provider.

Please note: The Portal is also a great source for accessing and sending your records! You can view, print, and email your immunizations and recent office visits through the portal. You can also access your list of medications. These will need to be refilled by a new provider in a timely manner, especially for controlled medications. If you need to request access to the Portal, click here.

Important Medical Information You'll Need Moving Forward

· Completed health record

· Immunization record

· List of medications you take, including dosages

· Special needs or chronic conditions you may have

· Proof of health insurance

Where to Send Forms & Requests

Whatever your path is, it's important to take care of yourself. There are many resources out there that offer guidance on physical and mental self-care, preparing for college or the workforce, and living independently. We've included a couple of excellent resources below.

Helpful Resources:

NECP Patient Portal to Access Your Records, Immunizations, or Medication Refills for Health & Wellness, Diseases & Infections, Drugs & Alcohol, School & Jobs. for Health & Wellness, Provider Search, Preparing for the Workforce, Heading to College, Living Independently